We are building new solutions
that have market relevance

We want to provide a new content solution to our most valuable advertisers.

This new solution is what we are calling a “content hub”.  But for your brand it is a place to align your story and mission with credible content. We want to give your brand category ownership and visibility within a destination, so that those that are new to San Antonio or wanting new experiences within San Antonio find you first.

Each “hub” has 6 content sections that give ownable moments to our premiere sponsors. Both in visual identity and in content opportunity. When you are a premiere sponsor you are able to own and grab the halo effect of credible content that is relevant to multiple audiences within San Antonio. The Hearst content team provides you with an easy way to get your content to a new set of eyeballs and provides you with an easy button for content creation.


Combine the power of editorial content + searchable content + sponsored content+
cross promotion

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