Our dependence on technology has become a significant aspect of our lives, and the recent shift towards remote living has further fueled this trend. It was anticipated that the US consumer technology and electronic industry would reach a whopping $1.6 trillion by the end of 2022, with digital health products and entertainment tech predicted to experience a surge in popularity.

With so many customers available, how can tech brands identify their best prospects and target them the right way? Without being intrusive, untrustworthy, or salesy? Content marketing.

Content marketing provides a seamless and straightforward solution to help tech brands stand out from the crowd of apps and virtual services. By using organic search engine optimization (SEO) and data-driven insights to create high-quality content, your tech business or brand can attract like-minded communities full of people well-suited to become loyal customers in the future.








OneStep worked with The StoryStudio to create and distribute one story to run nationwide. This brand was in its early stages and The StoryStudio utilized animations and infographic step-by-step guides to help readers in their target audience understand the importance and how to use this revolutionary physical therapy app.


Performance metrics of this campaign:



During its promotion, The StoryStudio served over 1.7M impressions to OneStep’s target audience, driving them to their story.


More than 5,600 people spent 30 or more seconds reading OneStep’s story.


On average, readers spent more than five minutes absorbing this customized content.



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Empowering BRANDS with concrete marketing results

We work with brands not only to brainstorm and develop concepts, but to identify targets and markets and then promote and report on that success. We believe it is so important to provide accurate, transparent, real-time reporting to the client, followed by a final report with relevant insights and benchmarks once the campaign ends.


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