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Test & Quizzes.

Tests and quizzes are used as a means of evaluating the knowledge, abilities, aptitude, skills, or performance of an individual or group. Giving your users the opportunity to participate allows you to better understand the level of knowledge each individual prospect has on a particular topic. With that information, you can deliver pinpoint-precise content pieces and more accurately place those prospects at the correct stages of the buyer’s journey.



  • Give social followers a unique way to engage and share results.
  • Progressive profiling. Understand what your prospects know and don’t know so you can provide them with useful content. Extending the value of long-form content (ex: white papers, case studies).
  • Based on outcomes, guide to other content pieces that make sense.
  • Provide answers and explanations to add more value positioning your company as trustworthy resource.


Sometimes called a persona or personality test, an assessment is an interactive questionnaire structured to match people with specific personalities, patterns, or identities based on their responses. Here are a few ways in which assessments can be beneficial. Our partners can use the information provided to build enriched prospect profiles so that you can deliver follow-on content and calls-to-action relevant to each specific prospect, and where they are in the buyer’s journey.




  • Issue or problem identification.
  • Hone in on specific issues or problems and potentially self-identify a need for your product offering.
  • Enabling a prospect to compare how they are currently solving a challenge against their cohort.
  • Promoting long form content (ex: white papers, case studies).
  • Connecting assessment outcomes with relevant follow-on content to keep the conversation going.

Polls & Surveys.

Polls and surveys are a method of gathering feedback, opinions, and valuable insight from your users – usually in the form of a questionnaire with no right or wrong answers. They can take an almost limitless number of forms and give a unique look into the core issues and problems your users are currently facing. Adding a call-to-action to engage with a follow-on piece of content at the end of your poll or survey is a great way to generate relevant, highly engaged leads.



  • Build engagement before, during and after the event.
  • Opinion gathering is a great way to engage with users on social channels where longer-form pieces of content may not be appropriate.
  • Increasing engagement on your blog by letting people react to the content and opinions you share –within each blog post.
  • Improving lead scoring initiatives. Gain valuable in-depth opinions and feedback directly from your prospects.