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Top Talent!

#1 in Print and Digital Reach

For 150-plus years, businesses in San Antonio have been relying on the Express-News
to connect with our city's most qualified job seekers. No other media group in South Texas
provides the reach of the Express-News to get in front of the largest group of job seekers.

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The Problem

Effectively reaching, and converting, the greatest number of qualified candidates for your openings.

The Solution

Focusing on candidate aquisition and conversion through a custom recruiting solution optimized using Hearst Recruitment Solutions tools and expertise.

Our Team

Hearst Recruitment Solutions has invested heavily in resources and solutions that get your career pages and job opening in front of the proper candidates in every possible talent-rich pool.
By coupling your current recruitment strategy with proven destination-recruiting resources and highly targeted digital marketing solutions, we can help you make an even bigger impact with your current recruitment strategy.

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