10 Ways Recruiters Can Utilize Marketing to Help Reach Their Ideal Candidates

10 Ways Recruiters Can Utilize Marketing to Help Reach Their Ideal Candidates

Aug 13, 2019 1:19:15 PM / by Ayanlowo Henry

Ayanlowo Henry

Do you know that you need a strong recruitment strategy as a recruiter to help you attract the best talent in the current extremely competitive job market?

  • No doubt, there are a lot of job vacancies every day, and there are many talents in the market, but the question is how many recruiters attract the ideal candidates. Remember that suitable candidates can help grow your business, stand out among competitors, and ensure the long-term success of your organization.


  • Before you can reach your ideal candidates and benefit from them, you need a strong recruiting and hiring system. This is why I have brought to you the best ways to utilize marketing to help reach your ideal candidates as a recruiter.    

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  1. Use content marketing to boost your recruiting efforts

There are a lot of parallels between recruiting job candidates and content marketing. In both fields, you need to build trust and relationship with potential job seekers. It can be achieved by identifying the right kind of audience, creating content that is informative, and engaging with them.

Though, to be honest, it is hard to create great recruiting content for every step of the candidate journey. Fortunately, there are a lot of great recruitment content examples you can lay hands on. Some of the most creative ones are Slideshare, infographic, brochure, quiz, career blog, live video, frequently asked questions, workplace video tour, and Podcast. 

  1. Utilize social media feed

Today, if you are looking for a valuable marketing channel, you can’t ignore or overlook social media. During a job search, more than 70 percent of job seekers use social media. If there are open positions in your organization or company, you can use social network sites such as Linkedln to post the positions. There are a lot of companies who use this platform to recruit the best talent because the profile of users is essentially an online resume.

Also, you can make use of other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Even though these sites don’t have a specific feature for job listing, you can upload attractive company’s videos and photos, and create unique hashtags for the open jobs.

  1. Take advantage of recruitment email marketing

Do you know that more than 90 percent of adult that uses the internet use email? This is evidence that you have the opportunity to get in front of a large audience using email marketing. Regardless of the type of email you want to use in communicating the open position with the clients or candidates, some helpful tips can make recruitment through email marketing effective.

  • Encourage people to open emails by creating an intriguing and strong subject line
  • People often get annoyed with mass emails, so send them emails that are made for them specifically
  • Let the recipient know how your recruiting service can benefit them. This should be brief!
  • Don’t focus on yourself but the recipient
  • Encourage and request the recipient to take action
  1. Make use of job posting sites

Many job seekers think the process of finding employment pages on the website of different companies is stressful and always want to eliminate it. That is why they opt for job listing sites instead. With these sites, people find it hassle-free to browse open positions by company, industry, and job title.

Recruiters can upload job listings on the job posting sites for free. Also, you can sponsor the listings. It gives them exposure and helps you get them to the users they are most relevant to. Running paid campaigns will help you get many applicants as possible.       

  1. Utilize search engine optimization

Google and other search engines are where many job-seekers turn to when they want to research their options. It means improving the pages on your website can be an effective strategy. As a recruiter, you can optimize for searches that are related to employment in your industry. Focusing on the right keywords for the job title you want to hire for in your company will make it easy for applicants to find the right page on your site.

6. Build and use an employee referral program works

Do you know that candidates that are referred are typically faster and cheaper to hire? Beyond that, an employee referral program is one of the marketing recruitment strategies that assure recruiters of finding high-quality candidates. Train your employees on your recruitment plan and employer brand. With this, they can become brand ambassadors and help you reach your ideal candidates.

  1. Plan and organize recruiting events

If you want to meet qualified and ideal job candidates, plan and organize a recruiting event such as meetups and career fairs that will bring job-seekers to you. It might be challenging, but it is one of the best ways to get your ideal candidates. To achieve this, you need to create a plan, decide on the event type, set your budget, pick a venue, select a date and time, manage logistics, spread the word that you are recruiting (you can create a page for the event), recruit, and follow up.

  1. Create a career site

If you create an effective career site, it can be more valuable than a basic job listing. Your career site should paint the picture of the goals your prospective candidates will be working towards, the environment they will be working in, and the people they will be working with. The recipes that make a career site truly successful are employment branding, friendly usability, engaging visuals, smart job ads and listings, social integration, SEO, talent community, and mobile optimization.     

  1. Write a great job ad that stands out

Creating interesting and stand out job ads will help you reach your ideal candidates because it will make the right candidates want to apply. If you have a detailed and clear job description and able to turn it into an engaging job ad, you are good to go!

  1. Understand where your candidates are coming from using Google analytics

This will help you see if you are getting visitors from your organic traffics and paid ads. Also, with Google Analytics, you will be able to know which job ads or boards are serving you best.

Finally, if recruiters want to attract high-quality and qualified candidates, they need to work harder in the present candidate-driven job market. Practicing the 10 ways recruiters can utilize marketing to help reach their ideal candidates mentioned above can go a long way to guarantee successful recruitment.   












Ayanlowo Henry

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