The Power of Content Marketing for Your Energy Company

Are you looking to become a more reputable and trusted energy company? Learn how content marketing can help.


The Power of Content Marketing for Your Energy Company

Nov 16, 2022 10:05:09 AM / by Hearst Content Services, edited by Shayla Brown and Sara Bryant

Hearst Content Services, edited by Shayla Brown and Sara Bryant

Are you looking to become a more reputable and trusted energy company? Learn how content marketing can help.

In their most recent trends report, the Content Marketing Institute stated 70% of B2C (business to consumer) marketers have a content marketing strategy. And more than 3 of 5 reported they would invest more this year in content marketing this year. We’ve compiled six ways to utilize content marketing for your energy company. After reading this guide, we can help you determine how to add content marketing as a key differentiator in your own digital marketing plans.

1. Demonstrate Expertise

With years of hands-on experience in the energy sector, you've likely become an expert over time. 

Developing an effective energy content marketing strategy can help you demonstrate your experience and expertise. With helpful, informative, engaging content, you could even become a thought leader within the energy sector. Customers will start to rely on you for your helpful insights as a result.

You can use different content formats to engage a wide audience, including:

  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Webinars
  • Videos

Each content format can offer consumer insights that bring them through the brand marketing funnel and into conversion with trust and brand affinity. For example, you can provide a short article to give customers an introduction to a specific topic. Then, you can combine numerous articles into a content collection for a one-stop resource for your consumer to engage.

You can also include infographics, contesting, and weaving in your frequently asked questions into your articles and videos to help offer solutions, relieve frustrations, or answer brand questions.

Search Intent

A user of a search engine will indicate what they expect to find during an online search by typing long tail keyword queries or phrases or by image. Understanding what your customers expect to find online can help you create relevant, helpful content. Again, your customers might begin to recognize you as a go-to resource for insightful information as a result.

To align your content with the user's search intent, you'll need help gathering keyword research. Keyword research can help you determine what questions your customers ask online. Then, you can use their search queries to create content that answers their questions.

Your content will begin to show within search results, getting the consumer to your brand faster.

In time, they'll turn to you as an industry professional any time they need help or have questions.

2. Remain Up-To-Date

The energy sector is constantly changing. Showcasing to your readers that your brand is evolving with new energy solutions can mean that you become a more relevant and trusted brand as a result.

Creating fresh content as part of your energy marketing strategy will help you remain top of mind as consumers look for alternative methods in the future.

3. Showcase Community Involvement

You can also use content marketing to showcase how your brand is involved in the community, how you demonstrate corporate social responsibility,, and how you align with certain non-profits.

This type of content marketing is a type of cause marketing that can be used to communicate your brand values. About 89 percent of people stay loyal to brands that share their values. Meanwhile, 82 percent feel more positive about a brand after reading customized content.

When you’re able to showcase your company values and come across as an ethical brand, it can have a huge impact. According to Critical Mix, nearly 7 out of 10 (69%) people are willing to spend more on a brand that is more ethical versus a cheaper option. Those numbers are even higher with Gen Z and Millennials at 78% and 74%, respectively.

4. Be a Transparent Brand

For 94 percent of customers, transparency is the key to brand loyalty. About 39 percent will even change brands in pursuit of brand transparency.

Tell the market exactly what you have coming up, and what your internal teams are working on. Create stories that attract interest in your brand.

Creating branded content can help consumers see your brand. For example, you can position yourself as a helpful thought leader within the industry. Becoming a go-to resource for information can help you gain credibility and brand trust, too. 

Create clear, honest content for your business to show consumers you're worthy of their trust.

5. Give Your Employees Voice

Creating a place where employees who have brand affinity can talk about your brand gives your brand more lift from a trusted opinion. When the employee believes in the brand and can tell the story, it gives a first-person perspective that is unique to only your brand. Leverage the internal voice for the external perception. Not only will it build trust with potential customers, it can also help with your recruiting efforts as well.

6. Create a Series Only You Can Offer

Do you have recommendations for customers based around seasonality? Perhaps you have tips that coincide with the fall, winter, spring, or summer. Launch a series that can be shared via video, written articles, and social posts. You can share the series with your customers and consumers and they can become subscribers of the content. This will help to build brand loyalty and retain current customers and can drive awareness with potential customers too.

Leverage Content Marketing with HearstMediaSA

If you’re looking for an effective way to build awareness for your brand, the experts at Hearst Texas and HearstMediaSA can assist you with adding content marketing to your energy company's marketing mix. With a strong strategy in place, you can reach new customers and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. Contact us today. 

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Hearst Content Services, edited by Shayla Brown and Sara Bryant

Written by Hearst Content Services, edited by Shayla Brown and Sara Bryant

Sara Bryant is the Senior Director of Marketing and Content Initiatives at the San Antonio Express-News/HearstMediaSA. She has led advertising and marketing strategy for multiple businesses across the B2B and B2C sectors for 15+ years. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Art Direction from The Creative Circus and a BFA in Design from the University of San Francisco.

Shayla Brown is the Demand Generation Manager at San Antonio Express-News/HearstMediaSA. She has managed multi-media advertising campaigns for companies across a wide variety of industries and has a strong background in marketing research. She holds an Internet Marketing Certificate from the University of San Francisco and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Spelman College.