6 Ways Advertising Within News is Beneficial for Your Brand

6 Ways Advertising Within News is Beneficial for Your Brand

Nov 12, 2021 8:35:10 AM / by Shayla Brown

Shayla Brown

According to a recent study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), brands benefit a great deal from advertising within news content. In fact, 84% of consumers feel advertising within the news increases or maintains brand trust. Here are 6 other findings from the research study that indicate how news adjacent advertising can positively impact your brand and business results.

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Consumer actions taken when your brand advertises within news: 

1. Visit your brand website. 

2. Talk about your product with friends and family. 

3. Search for more information about your brand. 

4. Recommend your brand. 

In addition, the study found the following about brands that advertise within news:

5. Nearly half of consumers said brands that advertise in the news are more customer-focused and engaging, more innovative, and relevant to them.

6. Consumers are more likely to take action or make a purchase from a brand they see within news content. 

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Shayla Brown

Written by Shayla Brown