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Eric Martineau

Eric Martineau
A SPECIALIZATION IN AESTHETICS As published academic & the founder of Get Clicked Medical Spa Marketing, Eric’s expertise is in the fields of brand communities, digital advertising & e-commerce. He specializes in developing and optimizing digital and social marketing campaigns for aesthetic practices. A PASSION FOR DIGITAL ANALYTICS Working with medical spas, he specializes in executing efficient and targeted digital advertising campaigns that, combined with strategic internal actions, create congruencies between patient expectations and experiences. This skillset, in combination with the various teams he works with, permits him react quickly to market-based trends and make data-driven strategic decisions. His background in digital marketing allows him to bring a unique skill-set to the Indigo Team.

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Reasons why it might be time to add Snapchat to your digital marketing plan.

Oct 8, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Eric Martineau posted in Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Digital, Content Marketing, Snapchat, Mobile Marketing, Small Business

As the holidays approach, marketers will begin to plan for their upcoming year’s strategy. In its latest earnings call, Snapchat mentioned achieving a major milestone of having surpassed Twitter in the total amount of daily active users; 186 million versus 126 million. Although many had disregarded the platform after its disastrous IPO as a viable long-term marketing channel, it is currently worth re-evaluating the pertinence of including Snapchat into one’s digital strategy.

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